Research States Being Untethered From Email Alerts Can Increase Happiness Quotient In Individuals

The entrance of the smart phones is taking over the mobile markets by the storm. It is common to see that there are so many new phone users who are entering into the arena, as well as so many new players who are providing them with the efficient and effective tools for success. These devices not just enable the voice communication between people, but also the various other forms of communication, such as video chats, video conferences, instant messaging, audio and video sharing, music sharing, emailing, etc. While the emails were checked only on the computers earlier, it is now possible to link the emails in the phones and do everything on the go. Therefore, be it personal emails or official emails, people tend to download and install the respective apps and empower themselves with the tools that would deliver emails on top of their palm, regardless of their geographic location or time. While they have breached the time and space boundaries of an email, which makes it really instant, the instant alert systems also breach into the happiness quotient of individuals.

Instant Response System

The problems with the emails start with the alerts. One can select the setting in the apps to be conveying to them instantly about the arrival of any new email that tends to hit the inbox. While this is a good feature that would ensure that the persons do not miss out on the important communications that they have to know, it is dangerous on their lifestyle. It becomes a habit to check emails often and would affect their social life to a great extent. Every email can be categorized into a few types. Some informative emails or the ones with offers require the person to just read and delete, while others like the instruction emails need to be forwarded to other recipients to get the job done properly. There are emails that require the person to take actions themselves and do the needful. If users check emails only in a certain part of the day and deal with emails after categorizing them, then these would not chew into their personal time and space, thereby enabling happiness for them.

Offer Great Support and New Experience on Using the Online Shopping

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